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Speaking of Impact

Feb 23, 2023

They say reading is fundamental.  That means writing is foundational.  We all take in quite a bit of audio and video content these days but the written word is still powerful.  In fact, you could argue is more powerful than ever before.


This episode is going to teach about how a faith-inspired publisher created a...

Feb 16, 2023

Everyone can be a philanthropist.  There is no minimum net worth required.  You just have to have the right mindset - a desire to use your gifts and skills to make the world a better place.


Our guest on this episode is a proponent of micro-philanthropy.  He believes that you can make a big difference in your sphere of...

Feb 9, 2023

Teachers are underappreciated.  But we spend billions of dollars on recruiting them!?  There is quite a demand in the education space right now few solutions to train and certify highly qualified professionals.


Mallory Dwinal-Palisch is a highly educated lover of education.  That’s a great combination for the needs...

Feb 2, 2023

Some, have a special calling to bring their professional leadership skills. Working in that space can tiring but extremely fulfilling work.  If you’ve spent some time volunteering, you’ve felt the effort that goes into that type of work.


Lissa Zanville is the Executive Director of Los Angeles Trial...