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Speaking of Impact

May 25, 2023

We all have to work for something in life.  Have you ever asked yourself what that is? 

It can be easy to work for years, even decades, without considering why outside of money.  There are times in life when we are under-motivated, stressed, or even depressed.  These are unavoidable.  However, you can do more to make an...

May 18, 2023

 We are all fighting for attention in some way.  The Impactmaker Movement is fighting for good reason.  Systems are the same regardless if you’re working for a for-profit, non-profit, or just building a community impact project.

Josh Ramsey is a marketing guy with an impactmaker’s heart.  This episode draws on...

May 11, 2023

It seems unfair that people without a place to live can be so close to others with building they can call home.   


Sandy Jarvis has spent 40 years working with the homeless and people who want to help them.  She retired just before the COVID-19 pandemic and has since become an author.  You can tell she still has a...

May 4, 2023

This is not a question we hear often but it’s becoming more popular.  This episode includes some alarming stats about the existing systems and how inefficient they are.   


Elysabeth Alfano is a thought leader in sustainability who has been working in the industry for much of her career.  She’s spent years...