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Speaking of Impact

May 26, 2022

Success is something that everyone wants - but do they seek it?  You can’t overestimate effort and as impactmakers we can never forget that.  We spend a lot of time visioning and dreaming of the positive impact that we can make in the world.  We see people in need and dream of helping.  This is noble, even necessary.  However, what good are the dream if we don’t put the work in to achieve them?

You should never limit our ability to achieve.  You should also maximize all of your opportunities.  Know that not everyone will play out as you desire, but they all are valuable whether as you expect, a learning experience, or a chance to find another opportunity.  Today’s guest is DC Glenn, The Brain Supreme, from Tag Team.  Yes, he’s a DJ and rapper, but he’s an inspiring business person and lifelong learner.  He’s going to teach you why it’s important to work hard and learn “how to learn.”

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