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Speaking of Impact

Apr 21, 2022

We are all leaders in our lives whether it is by title or by default.  Some of the most recognized leaders didn’t set out to have that role.  They were passionate people who found a strong purpose.  You might say they settled into their positions but settling is far from a leader’s mentality.  In fact, leaders seek challenges and help others overcome them.  This yields growth.  


Working with sled dogs in the wilderness sounds like challenging work.  This was one of the challenges that led Iggy Perillo to her career in leadership development.  Deep work isn’t always complicated but it is necessary.  It can come in many different forms and each person has their own ideal style.  Iggy had dedicated her career to helping people find their leadership voice.  You find that voice by consistently applying what you have and taking ownership in the leadership roles that you have.  


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