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Speaking of Impact

Apr 14, 2022

Taking care of yourself is among the most important things in life but it isn’t always that easy to do.  High achievers tend to work hard at making something great or taking care of others and fail to consider their own situation.  Burnout isn’t enjoyable but sometimes it’s necessary.  The body shuts down and doesn’t allow you to continue down a destructive path.


Most impactmakers have experienced some form of burnout because we care so much about our work.  We care about doing great things with the gifts and skills we have.  However, we can’t do them if we are without the energy we need to be effective.  If you are burnt out, you maybe have to take some time off.  It will seem counterproductive but it’s absolutely necessary to get back to the effectiveness you desire.  Simone Giordano had to be told she needed to take a break before she realized how much she need it.


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