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Speaking of Impact

Apr 7, 2022

Physical and mental health work together.  The healthiest people understand this and apply consistency to things that support the mind and body.  There are lots of diets and plenty of meditation techniques.  But, what which one is the best?  Neither.  The best is what works for you to feel and act well.


Nate Palmer is a fitness coach, author, and podcaster.  None of these things define his purpose though.  The Imapactmaker Movement is about using your gifts and skills to help others.  Nate is clear about his desire to help people live a healthier life but not like your typical coach.  His programs are designed to help people find great habits that work for them.  He is partial to no specific workout, diet, or style of fitness.  It’s refreshing customized approach that everyone can learn from regardless of their work or impact project.


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