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Speaking of Impact

Mar 23, 2023

Take care of yourself.  This seems like obvious advice but most people don’t subscribe to it all the time.  Especially, when they feel healthy.  Unfortunately, injury or illness can strike quickly and it could be too late to take care of it.  Don’t let this happen to you.


Fitz Koehler is one of the most energetic guests we have had.  She has multiple roles including race announcer, motivational speaker, host, and author.  It was clear that she has the desire to help people on a mass scale.  There are many ways that she does this but all of her efforts are directly related to fitness and illness.  She tells her cancer and recovery story in the episode.  Learn how staying focused on meaningful things in her own life and her kids’ life were what got her through some horribly debilitating cancer treatments.  You’ll feel inspired to use your experiences for good in the world.


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