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Speaking of Impact

Nov 3, 2022

There are a lot of forces that will crush your dreams these days.  Overstimulation can lead to mental stress.  So, why bring on more of your own?  In some ways, you’re responsible for crushing your own dreams.  You’ve developed some not-so-fulfilling routines.  You do great work and care about others but you can fill a much more impactful role.


Our guest on this episode is Debby Krusz.  She calls herself the dream pollinator - the complete opposite of a dream crusher.  She led a successful and busy corporate lifestyle for years.  Her successes were unmatched but there was something missing.  Unfortunately, it took some time to realize it and by the time she did she was deep into her career.  It took a leap of faith, but she broke out of the chain of monotony to chase her real dreams (instead of the ones she thought she had in the corporate world).  Listen in as Debby shares some tips on how to generate and focus on your own dreams.


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