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Speaking of Impact

Sep 8, 2022

There is good reason why young people are encouraged to try playing an instrument.  Creativity has been a recent topic in The Impactmaker Movement and music is great way to express it.  A good melody can be used for motivation, inspiration, consolation, energizing, prayer, meditation, and many other things.  Those who are able to produce beautiful songs have a key skill for humanity.  It can offer a personal touch and also bring us together in community.


Dave Combs is the composer of Rachel’s song and the author of Touched by the Music.  His journey to becoming a professional musician and author is fascinating.  He’s very humble, but has had such an impact on the world.  He lives using his talents to please others (with the encouragement of his wife).  You’ll appreciate the way he connects his gifts with the people that experience his work. 


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