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Speaking of Impact

Aug 18, 2022

We’ve said before that giving is contagious.  It applies to many aspects of life.  The more intentional you are about what and how you give, the more effect you will have.  It can be challenging to dedicate the time for deep thought related to the subject.  It’s much easier to stroke a check or even sign up to volunteer at a local event that is already organized.  If we all spent a little more time researching how to get involved in the things that we can be most effective, the world will be an even better place.


Research isn’t always easy but it’s necessary.  The philanthropic world has plenty of data.  We should use it to determine the best ways for us to help our fellow humans.  Sharna Goldseker and Michael Moody have each had extensive careers working with foundations, donors, and other generous people.  They each desire to make a better connection between giving people and needy causes.  Their research found some interesting things about how the current generation wants to do positive impact.  You’ll want to note their findings to help you use your gifts and skills for the most good.


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