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Speaking of Impact

Aug 11, 2022

Where you invest these things will say a lot about what you think is important.  Or does it?  What is the story that you would want to tell about yourself?  Many people have their investments (of either type) on auto-pilot and don’t consider what they are actually supporting.  Today’s information age makes it much easier to educate ourselves about what it is that we are investing in.  


Time is certainly a valuable resource.  In decades past, it might have been hard to research where our financial investments go.  You might have had a employer sponsored retirement plan that was invested in a default fund.  This may or may not have been a good financial investment for you, but what did it do for the world?  Dan Katz is the the Co-Founder of Amberwave Partners and investment firm that has developed a new concept to consider - JSG investing.  Listen in as Dan explains this new concept that could help you reach your impact goals.


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