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Speaking of Impact

Jun 16, 2022

Isn’t artificial intelligence fascinating?  There are so many powerful tech platforms out there that it’s hard to keep up.  That’s no excuse though.  If you want to win in business or in the impact space, you must be on the cutting edge of technology.  You and everyone on your team can’t learn every process but they can’t complete them efficiently and effectively.  That’s where the best technology comes in.


Raj Sundarason is the DAP Strategist.  He helps organizations make digital transformations.  It’s not just digitization.  It’s completely changing the way you think about the processes that you may have been executing for years.  That may seem like intimidating, bad news.  Yet, it’s really good news because technology will allow people to do things with out having prior knowledge.  Raj will teach you how to advance positive impact in the digital world.


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